The Teisco  SX-210 is a polophonic synt from 1983.

Info comes from Sonic State

                       Markus Derrer (derrer@mb.sympatico.ca ) writes:
                       An earlier version of the SX-240, it's very similar in design and construction but
                       doesn't have a sequencer or MIDI. It was manufactured only from 80 to 82 was
                       the first Kawai synth sold in North America. It's oscillators are digitially
                       controlled, but the rest of it is pure analog. Among its drawbacks: oscillators
                       (saw, square and pulse) cannot be mixed but are either on or off, though the
                       noise source is mixable. Sine waves can only be attained by making the VCF
                       feed back on itself. The synth has no sliders, everything is controlled by a single
                       large knob which increments parameters from 0 to 99, except those which are
                       either on/ off. This allows a great deal of fine tuning, but limits editing to one
                       parameter at a time. The LFO can be linked through virtually every component
                       (DCO, VCF, VCA, EGs) and can be disabled / enabled in all components
                       simultaneously. Patches can be downloaded and uploaded to and from a tape.
                       The sounds are impressive, warm, fat very analogue. Though I may buy other
                       synths I wouldn't trade this for anything and its the centerpiece of all my work.

                       Synthesizer specifications

                            Synthesizer type: Synthesizer Keyboard
                            Synthesis Type: /Analog /subtractive
                                 Max: 8
                                 Typical in use: 4 or 8
                            Multi-timbral (number of parts): not
                            Oscillators per Voice :
                                 Min : 1
                                 Max : 8
                            Controllers : key hold button
                            Effects :
                                 Number of FX units : 1
                                 Number of different effects : chorus
                            Drum Section :
                                 Number of Drum Kits :0
                                 Number of Drum sounds : 0
                            Keyboard :
                                 Number of Keys : 61
                                 Can send on 0 simultaneous MIDI channels
                            Memory :
                                 Patches : 32
                                 Performances : 0
                            Inputs and Outputs :
                                 Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 2
                                 Number of Audio Ins :0
                                 Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 0
                                 Number of MIDI Ins : 0
                            Upgrade Options : none

                       Comments about the sounds :
                       warm, fat, very expressive, very analog
                       Sounds to check out :
                       Pipe organ, French horn


Complete user manual in pdf format available from Kawai. Get it here

Kawai SX-210 page with info, sounds, schematics, etc

Kawai SX-210 promotion article.

Close up pictures:


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