Teisco S-60F synthesizer (1980)



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Keyboard            32 Keys (F-C)
Type                    1 VCO, 1 VCF, 1 VCA, 2 x EG, 2 x Voice.
VCO                    Range (Low, 64', 32', 16', 8', 4'.), Delay Vibrato,
                            Mode (EG, Bender, LFO), Tune,
                            PW/PWM(EG. Manual. LFO/Triangular).
Mixer                   VCO (External in, saw, square), Noise.
LFO                     Frequency (0.1 Hz - 20 Hz),
                            Wave Shape(3 modes: periodically, varied continuously),
                            S/H, Triangular, Square.
VCF                    Cut-Off (16HZ - 20 KHz), Resonance, KCV, LFO Mod, EG.
VCA                    Hold, EG.
EG                       Attack Time, Decay Time, Sustain Level, Release Time.
HPF                    Cut-Off (16Hz - 16 KHz).
Effect Controls     Portamento, Pitch Bend (UP, Doen), Pitch Bend Sensitivity.
Input                    KCV In (1V / 1 oct), Gate In (On over 1V), External In.
Output                 Signal Out (High, Low), Headphone.
Indicator LED's    Power, Signal Way.
Power cons.         7 W.
Dimensions          560 x 370 x 100 (WxDxH iin m/m).
Weight                 8 Kg

Owners manual

It is the same manual as the S-110F synthesizer. You can download it at the 110F section.

Patch sheet

Press picture for a big and high quality picture or download the manual with lot's of preset sheets.



Pitch Bend Range Expansion Mod


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